I read with great interest the recent DWM article, “Telling Where it Hurts,” (see June DWM, page 18, or go to dwmmag.com/digital and click on June issue or read it here) detailing the struggles of two small businesses, a window manufacturer and a remodeling contractor, in terms of complying with new Obamacare regulations, while still trying to do what is best for their employees.

For me this article hit close to home since Mike Gilkey has been a customer of mine for years. I have seen him grow his business successfully over the years and also make it through our recent economic struggles. I personally knew some of the workers on his IG line that lost their jobs as a result of the company’s efforts to reduce employee count in response to specific aspects of Obamacare which conflicted with Mike’s personal religious views. I can also tell you firsthand that these layoffs were not an easy task for Mike Gilkey, as he values the efforts of each and every one of his employees!

We are not entirely clear of the economic storm that has hit the door and window industry. Yet now, in addition, it seems that Gilkey and many other small but growing businesses now have a political storm to get through as well. I applaud Mike’s conviction to his religious beliefs and admire someone who will do whatever it takes to stick up for those beliefs, even if it means giving up profits and putting the very success of his own company and livelihood on the line.

Freedom of religion is one of the principles that this great country was built upon. However, it seems that with the recent Obamacare regulation, people like Mike Gilkey are being penalized for their religious beliefs. He is not against women’s rights as some may suggest, but rather is sticking up for his own religious convictions, which happen to be pro-life. As the owner of a privately held company, why should he be forced to comply with regulations that are in direct opposition to his personal religious beliefs? Indeed, this is the basis for the legal initiatives that have been launched against the abortion aspects of this law and the Federal Government’s HHS Mandate, which mandates contraception and sterilization coverage, with the exemption only for some religious employers. We will probably see this issue make it to the Supreme Court.

Gilkey Windows and Milanese Remodeling aren’t the only companies that are struggling with this legislation. According to a recent article published in the Inquisitr, about 41 percent of small businesses report that Obamacare has caused a hiring freeze. Another 19 percent said they have fired employees in order to handle the rising costs associated with Obamacare. Many other businesses are responding to Obamacare by reducing employee hours to less than 30 so that they are not considered full time. This way, they don’t have to offer health care benefits. What happened to the promises from the President of reviving the economy and supporting the potential growth of small businesses? It seems this health care legislation is causing the reverse effect, does it not?

Advocates of Obmacare argue that one good thing it will accomplish is that it will bring about the creation of more government jobs. The government will be hiring tens of thousands of people in order to implement the Affordable Care Act. Also, hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent on staffing for data centers that need to be set up for sharing medical information and maintaining the state insurance exchanges. Who will pay for all of this? Can you spell TAX INCREASE? And lastly, the IRS will be hiring thousands more as well, because guess which government agency will be tasked with the job of overseeing the long-term execution of Obamacare?

That’s right – it will be the IRS. That’s great news, right? Since we all know that there is no such thing as corruption within the IRS!


  1. Come on … this is skewed by personal beliefs. While I respect that, when it comes down to the “Obamacare hurting small business”, it’s hogwash. I’m involved with a small window manufacturer, and they will not be affected at all. Why? Because they provide already health insurance even though they don’t have to. Why? It’s good business (for hiring) and good ethics. In fact, because they are under the 50 employee level, they actually will get a financial benefit from Obamacare from already providing insurance. So how is Obamacare bad for them? Answer – it’s not, and will actually help them. Even if they were above 50 employees, it wouldn’t hurt them because they already provide insurance. I’m sorry, set aside your personal beliefs and look at the business aspect, and you will come to a completely different and more rational conclusion.

  2. Anon.,,,of course it is skewed by personal beliefs -it is a blog! One of the purposes of a blog is to stimulate discussion so I am glad you responded! If I was running a small window company or any company for that matter, I would also provide health care to my employees. Many of the companies that I talk to about this do so already as well. But they are being told by their insurance companies that their premiums will rise substantially in large part because of increasing regulatory costs associated with this legislation. The point here is that we are being overly regulated and this just adds costs to the system. By the way, I have no particular religious affiliation.

  3. Hi Jim,

    I also respect one’s rights for religious freedom, but an interesting question is, where does Mike’s freedom end and his employee’s freedom start? Should “the boss” have the right to impose his values on his employees? One could argue that they should then work elsewhere. In some geographic locations, there may be no “elsewhere” and, in effect, the owner of the local factory is for all practical purposes a dictator of values if he allows his personal belief to limit his employee’s ability to make their own choices. That is why Mike’s decision to impose his views on his employees is wrong.

  4. The real issue is the government mandate is imposing values of death on Mike and others like him and simultaneously violating its own bill of rights. Mike is not forcing them to pay for something that violates their conscience. They would not have to leave the country to escape this mandate (as would be the case for an employer). There are many employees that feel like Mike, they may not have “elsewhere” to go and do not want to be forced to pay for abortion.
    Is it ever OK to destroy innocent life? when I see a painting I see evidence for a painter. When I look at creation I see plenty of evidence for a Creator. So do we follow the Creators law that ‘destroying innocent life is murder’? or do we ignore the Creator and just make our own rules?
    The current politicians & government agencies , like the IRS, cannot detect corruption among its own ranks. Are we going to let them make the rules?

  5. Hey folks, we all know that offering health insurance is good for business due to the fact that the government allows the business to use Pre-tax dollars to pay for it. I think that under the new law, this favor still exists. The problem is that Obamacare purposely creates a conflict for the ethical, educated businessman. If he participates in Obamacare, he is participating in financing murder via abortificants and abortion. Open up a biology book and you find that it is a scientific fact that human life is created at the moment of fertilization. Read the Declaration of Indepencence and it recognizes that we have a God given right to life. Actually, thanks to religion, man learned this right comes from God, not the king, emperor, or other form of man made government.
    So to answer the question,”How is Obamecare bad for them?” Only an immoral wimpy businessman would knowingly cooperate with murder.
    As far as the issue of imposing values, ask the Democratic Party that question. Unfortunately they are imposing their lack of values.

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