Since the “opt out” clause was eliminated from the Lead Remodeling Repair Paint (LRRP) regulations, there has been a tremendous amount of energy expended trying to get the clause put back into the regulations.

When the “opt out” was first eliminated, I do not think anyone was absolutely certain what would happen to our industry. The severity of its impact may still be debatable. My opinion is this exclusion had a significant negative impact on the building products industry.

Adding the “opt out” back into the LRRP regulations as it was originally intended by then Senator Obama, would not compromise safety and it would certainly be an added recovery tool for our industry.

The exciting and optimistic news is this change has bipartisan support in the House and there is a better chance of the “opt out” making a comeback. Although this development took longer than any of us wanted, I am strong believer that we got to this point because our industry came together and expressed our views in a unilateral fashion.

It would appear that we are nearing the finish line on this, but we aren’t there yet. We still don’t have the same support in the Senate. Although we are close, it’s still important to express your views to your congressional representatives especially those in the Senate. Please make sure you do, and if you need any assistance, there are many industry organizations that are more than willing to assist you, the NWDA, WDDA, WDMA and AAMA just to name a few. If you are still unsure of where to start, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

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