The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) recently published a document that recommends static water penetration resistance test pressures for non-hurricane-prone U.S. regions. AAMA TIR A13-13, Recommended Static Water Penetration Resistance Test Pressures in Non-Hurricane-Prone Regions of the United States, was prepared for those who require information on maximum static pressures used during testing of products’ resistance to wind-driven rain penetration, when such tests are conducted as part of the North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS) test regimen.

“Resisting wind-driven rain penetration is one of the primary functions of fenestration systems and is addressed by many industry standards, building codes and project specifications,” says Steve Fronek of Apogee Enterprises Inc. and Wausau Window and Wall Systems, co-chair of the TIR A13-09 Update Work Group. “The 12 psf (580 Pa) water penetration resistance test pressure cap cited in NAFS has served all industry stakeholders well for more than 20 years and is recommended for general use outside of high velocity wind zones for low- and mid-rise construction in the U.S. When specified as part of the NAFS test regimen, it represents a solid trade-off between cost, performance, aesthetics and functionality for most construction projects.”

AAMA TIR A13 is not intended to validate or quantify the statistical repeatability or reproducibility of any test method or to recommend new or revised test methods.

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