The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has released education courses on residential and commercial installation, field testing/forensic evaluation and fenestration anchorage, the fifth group in its FenestrationMasters® program.

“FenestrationMasters thus far has provided a broad range of information on assembled products and their requirements then went deeper into the details of components and on to building and energy codes,” says Dean Lewis, AAMA’s educational and technical information manager.

“Group 5 now takes us to the point of the products’ actual use, covering flashing and sealants for installation, residential and commercial installation, anchorage, field testing and forensic evaluation. While challenging, many candidates will find this to be the most practical, useful and interesting portion of the entire course of study.”

Previous group courses have included topics such as door, window and skylight performance standards; coatings and finishes; hardware and sealants; and skylights/daylighting.

AAMA plans to release Group 6, focusing on curtainwall systems and storefronts, in June.

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