It’s hard to believe, but we have about half of 2013 already in the books. It is finally great to realize that this is the year for revenue and profit growth. The last several years have been challenging for our industry. However, the forecasts and prognostications seem to be accurate and perhaps even a little pessimistic.

One factor that I have noticed a huge difference in is credit. Credit seems to be easing, and consumer confidence seems to be growing based on a positive stock market.

These factors have all of us optimistic for a solid second half of the year. It’s great to hear window dealers saying leads are strong. Many dealers are even saying the business is starting surpass the record breaking “tax credit” year. Consumers are willing to spend money, and there are definitely more qualified buyers out there.

But I have observed a significant difference in how we are going to market and how we have evolved as an industry. As we evolved with the economy so did many of our businesses. Many of us are now leaner than we were in the past. We are more flexible in the jobs we are willing to take. We have seen the order size over the past few years decrease, which tells me that many of us are taking those two-to-three-window jobs to get more business in the future. We have consolidated job functions internally, and we are smarter on our expense.

Our marketing has evolved back to a focus more on value and less on price. Many dealers have figured out how to sell to a different type of customer as well. There is a younger demographic out there willing to improve their homes’ energy efficiency via windows.

The encouraging trend that I am noticing is that 2014 looks to be even stronger than 2013. But before we close the book on 2013, let’s make sure we enjoy a strong second half of the year. It’s a “brave new world” out there, let’s go out and make it happen!

Great Selling!

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