Have you ever asked yourself questions or made statements like: “How could I have gotten this hire so wrong?” or “They interviewed great, but just didn’t pan out.” Believe me, you are not alone. Many organizations can go through different candidates or hires until they find the “right one.” It’s almost as if luck plays a larger role than we would like or care to admit.

After interviewing countless sales and marketing people, I finally took the “plunge” many years ago and tried a personality profile system. First, I worked with my entire sales and marketing team to find out their personality traits. After this, I started focusing in on the top performers and what “made them tick.”

When I started interviewing people for a new sales position, I looked at what the position required. Did the area need new accounts, was it more of a maintenance area, how much travel is necessary, etc? Depending on what I came up with for a list, I would look at which of my personnel closely matched up with that list. And when the personality profile was completed for a prospective salesperson, I would see how closely their traits matched up with my successful employees.

I think it is extremely important to point out to an existing employee or prospective one, that these profile analysis are not tests. These profiles are just a tool used to help increase the success of an employee. With existing employees, it has helped me manage them more effectively. With prospective employees, it has increased my odds of making a successful hire.

As with most things, the personality profiles have evolved over the years. Instead of taking traits of existing personnel, because the profile databases are so huge, you can match up with what you are looking for in the position with what traits are most common amongst successful salespeople in similar positions.

There are several personality profiles on the market today and I am not going to recommend one over the other. However, I will provide a few for you to do your own research on. The DISC spell out profile has been around the longest, and certainly is still very popular today. There is the Caliper System that is very detailed. And one final company is Predictive Index or PI.

Personality profiles are a great tool to help find your next hire. But keep in mind, it is only one tool in the process of hiring. Measuring past success, chemistry and several other factors help in the hiring process.

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