As the housing market continues to rebound, 84 Lumber announced that, as part of its “We Build American” program, the company will offer a unique assortment of promotional and marketing assistance to builders who pledge to use American building materials and products wherever possible in new home construction.

It was recently announced that housing starts had risen at the second-fastest pace since June 2008, and new home construction permits rose to a level not seen in 4-1/2 years. With residential construction growing, 84 Lumber officials say they believes it is important for builders of all sizes to understand the value of using American-made and -sourced materials and products.

The “We Build American” campaign is built on actual builder experience the company says has shown new homes can be built using up to 95 percent American-made or -sourced products and materials at a price that is within 1 percent of the cost of using foreign-sourced products.

“We believe that if builders properly promote their homes as part of the We Build American campaign, it will provide a huge sales advantage in their community,” says Jeff Nobers, vice president, marketing and public relations at 84 Lumber. “If builders across the nation would just pledge to raise the American-made content of their homes by just 5 to 10 percent, it would create jobs and opportunity for tens of thousands of Americans in local communities throughout the country.”

Incentives for builders range from simple lawn signs for builders who pledge to increase their use of American-made building materials by 5 to 10 percent, to a range of signage and promotional materials for builders who pledge to reach a goal of using 95 percent American materials and products. 84 Lumber will also offer We Build American’s “95 percenters” assistance in promoting their American built homes in local media in their regions.

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