Are you leaving opportunity waiting on the doorstep? Over the last few years Noubar Yeremian, founder of HMI Doors, has grown his door business because he had the audacity to believe the “Great Recession” was not financial ruin knocking at the door of his business, but opportunity. He recognizes opportunity at his threshold, even when it’s masquerading as adversity. If opportunity starts to walk away he chases it down the sidewalk.

In 1983, Noubar saw opportunity in steam-heat radiators. He opened Household Metals Inc. to make beautiful custom covers that concealed ugly radiators. By the late 1980s central heating and air conditioning systems virtually eliminated steam heat and, consequently, demand for radiator covers. Many businesses allow revenue loss to close them, but Noubar saw opportunity where others might see failure. Declining sales in radiator covers gave him the opportunity to find new products for his factory to make.

Noubar saw gentrification outside his door and Yuppies installing ugly, hard to operate iron gates over their refurbished town-home doors for security. HMI began making security storm doors as a better alternative in 1988. The stylish beauty, easy operation and better security of the company’s security storm door proved to be a winning combination, successful enough to give Noubar the financial ability to pursue more opportunities.

He looked to sell his security storm doors in suburbia and saw the original entry doors on mass-produced homes were wearing out and he saw a new opportunity. In 1994, HMI Doors began offering SafeGuard and Lasting Elegance steel entry doors as the premium, secure, energy-efficient, low-maintenance replacement for drafty, cold and unsafe builder-grade doors. Home security stayed top priority for the company. First he introduced the 10-point lock to make entry doors virtually impenetrable, then he invented a low-budget high-security steel lined jamb he calls the ArmorMax Jamb System (patent pending).

Noubar kept looking out for new opportunities. When clients called with special requests, he didn’t slam the door in their face. The hands-on manufacturer realized one of the biggest benefits he could offer was custom fabrication. Making custom-size, -color and –style doors are all standard business at HMI Doors.

Noubar put his ear to the door of opportunity and listened to his end consumer and his dealers’ ideas. Do you answer when opportunity disguises itself as adversity and knocks at the door of your business? Do you hear the doorbell ring and respond when your clients give you opportunities? If so, you are likely a successful entrepreneur, like Noubar Yeremian with a growing business.


  1. I love his attitude. Opportunity always disguises itself as hard work and creative thinking!

  2. Noubar has a can do attitude that is hard to find these days, which is why we made the switch to HMI and haven’t looked back since.

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