Procutter TableProdim’s Digital measurement solution, the Proliner® takes precise measurements in a simple step-by-step process, organizes projects and streamlines workflow, according to the company. The Proliner offers management tools to ensure each project is detailed and no openings go unmeasured. The measurement process is repeatable and requires very little training. The Proliner captures important information about the opening, including lock and hinge positions and the measurements can be exported as a printable shop ticket or as a digital file that can be precision cut with a manual or CNC machine.

Touching the Proliner pen in 11 predifined points captures the shape of the opening. A few more points mark lock and hinge positions. The Proliner will alert you if the door exceeds size or shape parameters. The Proliner pen allows you to continuously trace objects, inclding curves, capturing their exact geometry.

The company’s Procutter door table is also new. Paired with the Proliner Door measurement, this solution makes cut to fit doors possible using manual tools. This solution can be set up in a compact area at a fraction of the cost of CNC milling. This solution opens up the cut to fit door market to smaller manual millwork companies.

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