The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) recently released education courses on hardware, weatherstrip and weatherseals, as well as sealants and adhesives used during factory fabrication, as part of the association’s FenestrationMasters® program. This is the third group of FenestrationMasters courses released by AAMA.

“With this new group of courses, AAMA is continuing its objective of offering education that is comprehensive and specific to the fenestration industry,” says Angela Dickson, AAMA’s marketing manager. “The FenestrationMasters program helps companies distinguish their business from the competition and allows industry professionals to acquire the latest information in industry standards and practice—all through the convenience of online courses.”

Group 1 courses cover product types and design considerations, door, window and skylight performance standards, proper glass selection and specialty performance considerations (blast, impact, tornado and acoustics). Group 2 courses cover profile performance and material considerations, as well as coatings and finishes.

AAMA is planning to release Group 4 (codes and energy) and Group 5 (installation and field testing/forensic evaluation) in April, and Group 6 (architectural fenestration) in May. For a full course listing, visit AAMA’s website.


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