S1050203RiteScreen says it offers its customers uniquely designed window screen programs. The Screens Separate and Screens Installed programs are customized screen solutions, which allow door and window manufacturers to reduce inventory and increase production of their core products, according to the company. The company adds that the programs offer an efficient way to manage their screens through these uniquely designed programs.

The programs begin when a customer places an order with RiteScreen through a secure EDI system, secure FTP site, or via e-mail. The order is processed the same day and the screens are manufactured according to the customer’s specifications. The Screens Installed program is for manufacturers who install the screens in the windows during production.

The Screens Separate program, commonly referred to as ‘house packs,’ is ideal for manufacturers who ship the screens separate from the window units, according to the company. Rite Screen offers various packaging options including stretch wrap, bags and cardboard. The screens are transformed into pre-packaged orders, packed by either job lots or truck routes, and arrive labeled, bar-coded, and ready to be loaded onto the customers’ trailers for delivery to their customers.


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