The Energy Star ‘Most Efficient’ Windows program was introduced recently by Energy Star and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This program recognizes ‘leading edge’ technology that is ‘truly exceptional’ according to Energy Star’s website. This program was established to benefit the ‘environmental-motivated consumers’ and ‘early adopters’ of exceptional energy efficiency.

From my perspective, the difference between Energy Star and the Most Efficient program is recognizing, in our case, windows that can be touted as ‘best in class.’ Over the years, Energy Star has done an exceptional job at establishing strong brand recognition whether it be windows, televisions, appliances, etc. From my discussions with the EPA over the past several months, there has been a push to make Energy Star truly special, and by establishing this ‘Most Efficient’ category, this goal is realized.

The criteria for the ‘Most Efficient’ window varies from climate zone to climate zone and it is set up very similar to how Energy Star has established climate zones in the past. The criteria for the program can be found by clicking on the windows link found on the page.

Just like purchasing the ‘Most Efficient’ appliances, getting the ‘Most Efficient’ window comes with an investment. However, as a remodeler, there are some significant advantages to offering products in this program. Remodelers have the ability to offer the customer a highly energy efficient window that is above and beyond an Energy Star labeled window. This program also allows home improvement companies to differentiate themselves from their competition. On top of this, there is a strong marketing component that goes along with promoting this window program.

As a window manufacturer, offering windows that meet or exceed the ‘Most Efficient’ program is a differentiator in the marketplace. And finally, it allows all of us to do what we are good at – use our marketing expertise to promote product differentiation, not price!

Great Selling!

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