glassusagechartformattedIf predictions hold true, 2013 could be a year of growth and opportunity for the construction industry. And that’s certainly good news for the U.S. residential glass and window industries. DWM’s sister publication, USGlass, recently published its second annual glass industry usage forecast, showing positive indicators in most all construction segments are on the horizon for 2013.

Taking a close look at the different segments, the use of glass in single-family housing is projected to increase almost 20 percent (see chart).

Glass in store construction is expected to be up 18 percent in 2013, which will include an approximate 28.3 million square feet of glass usage. This is compared to 24 million square feet in 2012.

Not all segments, however, are projected to increase. Glass for educational building construction is projected to decline in 2013. USGlass projections show the segment will be down 0.6 percent compared to 2012 with 9.5 million square feet of glass usage compared to 10.1 million square feet last year. The drop in 2013, though, is not nearly as severe as last year’s, which saw usage down 18.5 percent compared to 2011.

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