Although the natural human instinct may be to hibernate in winter and eat what we preserved during warmer weather, the door and window dealer who needs to eat with the money they squirreled away to get through winter risks starving to death before spring thaws and wallets open again. Our survival can depend on how well we hunt and forage for fresh food in summer, especially if our crops didn’t yield as well as we hoped and our larders are already empty.

Don’t hibernate. Continue to hunt and forage in winter. There are so many opportunities to hunt successfully.

Winter is home show season. Are you as a manufacturer represented by quality dealers? Are you as a dealer exhibiting? Manufacturers, suppliers and dealers work together in most industries and it should be true for our industry as well. If you aren’t participating this year, perhaps you should attend your local show, find out about your competition and learn how to successfully participate in the venue that assembles homeowners with home improvement providers in winter.

Winter is also a great time to reach out to past customers. A letter and a phone call promoting a winter sale to past customers can keep cash flowing without the high risk of other marketing campaigns.

If you are hibernating during the winter it can also be more difficult to wake installers and salesman up in spring. The old expression “If you don’t use it, you lose it” applies to all learned skills. An object in motion stays in motion and it takes a lot more inertia to start from a stop.

Try to avoid the natural human instinct. You and your business may be much better off if you stay awake and don’t hibernate this winter.

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