Sometimes a company name is creative and different, sometimes it gets right to the point and others it’s a combination of both. For example, Ace Hardware’s name tells you what it sells, and Build a Bear is a creative name for what kids can do at that retail location.

Here at DWM, we want to get straight to the point: we want our magazine and title to best reflect our readers and the scope of our editorial. Until our January-February issue, which will arrive  at your mailboxes in the next few weeks, the magazine has been named Door and Window Manufacturer. But several years ago we added Shelter magazine, which serves dealers and distributors, so our name no longer represented the full breadth of our audience. Still, we wanted to maintain our recognized name but include our entire readership, so I would like to welcome you to the new DWM: Door and Window Market. The new DWM will still continue to cover the moulding and millwork market as Shelter has done since its inception.

We have been slowly rolling out our new name. If you are a supplier, you may have noticed the switch when you saw our media kit pieces come in the mail or to your inboxes. If you watched our December newscast you viewed our clever commercial produced by our own video producer Chris Bunn.

Mark Milanese, owner of Milanese Remodeling and DWM blogger, saw that commercial and was nice enough to send me the following note: “Changing the name of a business is a very tough decision and I just wanted to let you know I was very pleased to see the “M” in DWM change from “Manufacturer” to “Market.”

“Even though I am a door and window dealer, I’ve enjoyed visiting the Door and Window Manufacturer Magazine website, and I’ve learned a lot, too. Unfortunately, many door and window dealers probably assume the site is only relevant to manufacturers and never visit. I bet more of my fellow door and window dealers will visit after the name change. They and their business will benefit when they do. Here’s hoping DWM’s decision to build a ‘bigger tent’ attracts the expanded audience you’re targeting and the site becomes more inclusive of the entire industry. Good luck!”

Even though I know we made the right decision, and it was a tough one that received literally years of thought and discussion, it was nice to hear Mark’s affirmation.

I hope you agree as well. If you have any comment on our new name, as always I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Rebranding is always a tough decision, it takes a lot of time and money to figure out a brand that reflects the values/goals of the business while also connecting with your target audience. I think you guys have done an effective job with your new branding and good on you for taking a chance and hopefully it pays off in growing your business!

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