DWM’s top five stories of 2012 prove that unfortunately bad news captures the most attention: those on our list either related to plant or company closing or suits filed or settled.

Following were the most read news stories of 2012 on dwmmag.com in order from one to five:

Gorell Windows and Doors Placed into Receivership

Pella, Saltzman Propose Settlement Agreement in Class-Action Suit Over ProLine Products

Serious Energy Looking for New Owner for Chicago Plant

Window Companies Settle with FTC Over Deceptive Energy Efficiency and Cost Claims

Class Action Complaint Filed Against MIWD

It was clear that the news of Gorell closing was of great interest to the industry. All the follow up stories to that news, including Soft-Lite’s purchase of Gorell’s assets, as well as an interview with Soft-Lite’s CEO, appeared in the top 20. Michael Collins’ blog, “Thoughts on the Plight of Gorell,” came in at number six,  and DWM editor Tara Taffera’s blog, A Sad Day, which talked about Gorell’s closing, ranked number 15.

On December 21, we gave DWM readers the top headlines in no particular order and asked them to choose which one they thought was number one; they unanimously voted “Gorell Windows and Doors Placed into Receivership” as the top story.

We thank all our readers for your support in 2012 and we look forward to bringing you the news in 2013.

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