The American Architectural Manufacturers Association has released AAMA 513-12, “Standard Laboratory Test Method for Determination of Forces and Motions Required to Activate Operable Parts of CW and AW Class Operable Windows, Sliding Glass Doors and Terrace Doors in Accessible Spaces.”

“AAMA 513-12 provides a consistent, repeatable, laboratory test method for validating the capability of operable window designs, properly installed and maintained,” says Steve Fronek of Wausau Window and Wall Systems, who serves as chair of AAMA’s ADA Test Methods for Hardware Task Group. “Design teams can help ensure that fresh air and a connection with the outdoors are made accessible to people with physical disabilities, by specifying windows capable of meeting operating force and motion requirements of ICC/ANSI A117.1.”

Developed by AAMA’s ADA Test Methods for Hardware Task Group, AAMA 513-12 references several industry documents, including AAMA 910, “Voluntary ‘Life Cycle’ Specifications and Test Methods for AW Class Architectural Windows and Doors,” as well as the following ASTM documents: ASTM E283,

ASTM E331, ASTM E330 and ASTM E547.


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  1. Great idea but it fell short when it excluded the LC windows.

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