Loyal clients make business more pleasant and profitable all year round. Now is the last chance of 2012 to give past customers more motivation to become loyal customers. The Old School way to make the most of it is to send out season’s greetings.

The “Old School” CRM “Season’s Greetings” promotion requires good timing, preparation, rewards and contact with the target to be successful.

Good Timing

There is no time like the present to give your customer more reason to be loyal. For the Old School door and window dealer the holiday season was a time to send Season’s Greetings and offer tokens of appreciation to the customers they loved and held dearly.


For this campaign, data is filtered to make a “nice” list of clients who purchased product, referred us to others or gave us positive reviews on the Internet over the last 12 months. Add top performers from past years to the nice list. Sort the nice list by dollar amount purchased, number of referrals, quality of reviews and other intangible data. Provide rewards for clients accordingly.


Instead of offering values to entice strangers to buy from us, this campaign rewards the help of our friends, the support of our allies and the admiration of our fans with holiday greetings and gifts. Be creative. It really is the thought that counts. Gifts don’t need to be expensive, but should be useful and personal. Your client may appreciate a homemade gift more than a store bought one because it shows you took time for them.

Here are some examples of appropriate season’s greetings rewards:

• Repurpose an old window sash as a picture frame showing photographs of your client’s project

• Make a birdhouse that has doors, windows and your logo

• Make a holiday ornament that displays your logo

• Print calendars with monthly photos of client projects

• Print a secret family recipe book or a client recipe book

• Have a local vineyard label bottles of wine with your company logo

• Make homemade cookies, cakes or candy, packaged in a box with your logo.

• Mail greeting cards with a lottery ticket or a gift certificate enclosed (see below)

• Give gift certificates – If you renovate for restaurants, beauty salons or other professionals, negotiate part of their payment to be made with gift certificates. Giving those gift certificates to clients now creates goodwill for all.


Personal delivery of gifts is best because personal contact goes a long way to promote customer loyalty. If hand delivery is impractical, do take the time to write a personal note to your client before sending.

“We make a living by what we get,

But we make a life by what we give”

Winston Churchill

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