Many people have asked my thoughts on what’s going to happen in the replacement window business in 2013. I try to always look at the positive factors we have going for us. The elections are over and to a degree, so are homeowners’ uncertainties. Now, as the politicians from both sides of the aisle start working together, we can put all the ‘fiscal cliff’ discussions out of our minds. But we have all been around long enough to know, there will always be something out there to distract us.

However, all the projections and forecasts are pointing in a positive direction. The remodeling industry is set to have a record year in spending by consumers. Consumer confidence is also at a five-year high. As we look at many factors including home prices, although there has been an uptick in home values (just under 5 percent for 2012), “staycations” may be here to “stay.” All of these factors seem to be forming a perfect scenario for a solid and continued bounce back in the replacement window market.

We need to be preparing our businesses for 2013. We need to be asking ourselves, are we changing the way we do things or are we staying the course? Do we have a solid finance program in place, as this seems to be making a strong recovery? Lead development and marketing will be keys to success in 2013. Have the right plans been created to ensure success?

There has also been a lot of discussion around technology whether it is laptops or tablets. From my perspective, this technology is here to stay and now it is a matter of fine-tuning it for your business. Electronic and interactive presentation books are now more mainstream than ever before. Also, electronic contracts and signatures are more commonplace. Are we set to embrace this technology and incorporate it into our businesses?

2013 is the year where we will control our own destiny. There will be peaks and valleys as in past years. There will always be something looming that can distract our business and our potential clients. However, how we deal with these distractions, really will set the tone for our 2013. So, if you ask me, 2013 will finally be the year that we have been looking to enjoy!

Great Selling!

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  1. Great blog Tyson! You are correct – financing is more important than ever! I come across many dealers who never offered it in the past and are surprised at how many more calls they get once they start advertising that they have it! Also, the technology we have today is great, but sometimes the challenge we have is dealing with the customer who insists on doing things the old fashioned way!

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