The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced 16 enforcement actions for violations of the lead-based paint Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP). The EPA described the enforcement actions as “serious RRP Rule violations that could result in harm to human health. These actions include cases where the respondent failed to follow lead-safe work practices.”

In at least five actions, children lived at the property; thus, the respondent directly put children at risk of exposure to lead-based paint hazards. Also, in several cases, respondents failed to obtain firm certification prior to performing or offering to perform renovation activities on pre-1978 homes, according to the EPA.

The settlements advance EPA’s mission to protect human health because, under each settlement, the respondent was required to certify that it has come into compliance with the RRP Rule – and compliance results in greater protection for children and others in the future, according to the EPA. The Agency also assessed civil penalties and evaluated an entity’s ability to pay a penalty and to remain in business. Accordingly, the Agency assessed a total of $53,792 in civil penalties. In the three administrative complaints that EPA has filed, the Agency seeks civil penalties up to the statutory maximum of $37,500 per violation.

The RRP rule requires that contractors that work on pre-1978 dwellings and child-occupied facilities be trained and certified to use lead-safe work practices. This ensures that common renovation and repair activities such as sanding, cutting and replacing windows are done in ways that minimize dangerous lead dust, according to the EPA.


– Alliance Contracting & Design, LLC of Bay City, Mich.

– Dasa Properties LLC of Buffalo, N. Y.

– DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding Inc. of Beacon Falls, Conn.

– Exterior Images of Derry, N.H.

– Hometown Painting Inc. of Warrenville, Ill.

– Kindred Painting LLC of Dover, N.H.

– Leanza Painting Contractors Inc. of Morristown, N. J.

– Mac Stringer Painting and Staining of Ontario, N. Y.

– Scheffler Painting LLC of Trenton, Mich.

– Spartan Painting Inc. of Haslett, Mich.

– Sunshine Home Improvement LLC of Lenexa, Kan.

– Universal Remodeling & Building LLC of Stratford, Conn.

– Wildwood Apartments LLC of Jackson, Mich.


– Collegiate Entrepreneurs Inc. of Braintree, Mass.

– PZ Painting of Springfield, N.J.

– Kachina Contractor Solutions of Elkins Park, Pa.

Go to the EPA’s website for more information on the violations.


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