The Glazing Industry Code Committee’s (GICC) code change proposal (FS84-12) to mandate fire-rated glazing assemblies to be marked in accordance with 716.3, 716.5, and 716.6 identifications was recently passed by the International Code Council (ICC). The proposal affects both non-residential and residential construction covered by the International Building Code, applications that are four or more stories above grade. The GICC code proposal was prompted from the Code Technology Committee’s investigation of the area of study entitled “Labeling of Fire-Rated Glazing.”

The code changes were added to clarify Section 716.3, which now includes Section 716.3.1 and 716.3.2 to provide concise requirements for the marking of fire-rated glazing assemblies. No technical changes were added to the document.

In addition, Section 716.3.1 was moved from Section 716. The text was amended to clarify that the provisions of the section to also be applicable to fire-rated glazing used in fire door assemblies. To ensure language was consistent with Tables 716.3 and Table 716.5, the text was modified to reflect the fact that fire-rated glazing assemblies that do not meet the temperature or hose stream requirements of this section are not required to be labeled as “NT” and “NH.”

Section 716.3.2 was added to clarify Tables 716.3 and 716.6 are to be used for fire-protection-rated glazing, and to provide details required of the label and standards for performance. For clarification purposes, the language now reflects the same text as presented in Section 715.5.9.1 of the 2009 IBC. The remaining changes are made to update cross-references to reflect the new section numbers.

“FS84-12 does several things,” says Carl Baldassarra, P.E., FSFPE, in the Individual Consideration Agenda. “First, it moves the text of section 716. to section 716.3.1. Second, in making that move, it deletes “NH” and “NT” as designations used in the marking of fire-rated glazing. Third, it modifies section 716.3.1 and 716.3.2 to clarify that tables 716.3, 716.5 and 716.6 are the primary sources for determining the markings to be used and the relationship of those markings to the various fire-rated glazing applications that are provided for in the code.”

Committee officials state the code change proposal will not increase the cost of construction.



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