The “Old School” of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a series of traditional interactions with clients that were used by the pioneers of the door and window industry.

A multitude of CRM software programs are available today. I would never discourage anyone from investing in software to improve business. I use software to manage customer data, yet I still rely on the “Old School” customer interactions to create valuable new business. Those methods include word of mouth advertising, referral rewards, repeat sales, cross marketing, selling during service calls and rehashing leads.


1) Word of Mouth Advertising

2) Referral Rewards

3) Repeat Customers

4) Cross Marketing

5) Service Sales Calls

6) Rehash Leads

Old School Customer Relationship Management interactions require planning and effort to be successful. When put into practice, profitably repeating these valuable interactions with customers becomes as natural as sleeping, eating and breathing.

Using Old School customer interactions to create new business is a 2 step process – preparation followed by implementation.


1) Preparation

2) Implementation

Preparation requires keeping good data, using proper timing and creating true offers of value with legitimate deadlines.

Implementation requires personal contact with customers at regular and appropriate intervals.

These are the keys to creating new business in the “Old School” CRM style.

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