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The Pee Dee Nephrology, medical office located in Florence, S.C., received the FORTIFIED for Safer Business designation from the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS), according to a company statement. Pee Dee Nephrology is the first building in S.C. and first medical office in the country to earn the award. The complex was designed and created by the Carrell Group also located in S.C.

IBHS’ established the FORTIFIED for Safer Business program with voluntary construction standards in an effort to improve a commercial’s durability and resilience to natural hazards prevalent in the area where it is being built. The Pee Dee building is designed to be more resistant to property damage caused by hurricanes, high winds, earthquakes, fires/wildfires, lightning and hail.

“This project is another example of the Carrell Group’s commitment to deliver the highest quality buildings to their clients,” says Fred Malik, IBHS FORTIFED program manager. “They have been building FORTIFIED homes for years in North and South Carolina and now they are bringing superior disaster resistant design and construction to their commercial projects.”

“As a builder in the Carolinas for 25 years, we’ve seen many disasters, from hurricanes to wildfires, destroy many homes and buildings,” says Bruce Carrell, president of the Carrell Group. “Once we became familiar and comfortable with the engineering and construction involved in IBHS’ FORTIFIED programs, we were sold on the plan. Today, nearly 80 percent of our new clients in South Carolina are upgrading their homes to FORTIFIED construction standards.”

“In making such a large investment in our new building, we wanted to do it right the first time,” said Dr. Inderpal Singh, partner with Pee Dee Nephrology. “So, we are excited to have the most ‘disaster-resistant’ commercial building that IBHS and Carrell Group know how to build from the ground up.”


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