Ann Romney (foreground), Cindy McCain (behind) and Ohio Lt. Governor Mary Taylor (right) at Vinylmax.

Vinylmax, based in Hamilton, Ohio, hosted Ann Romney, wife of presidential candidate Mitt Romney, at the company’s plant yesterday as part of the campaign’s Women’s Victory Tour.” Today, Mitt Romney spoke to more than 2,000 supporters In Roanoke, Va., at the Integrity Windows plant.

Laura Doerger Roberts, president, spoke to DWM today to offer details of Ann Romney’s visit.

While Doerger-Roberts says she learned of the possibility of Romney’s visit two weeks ago, it wasn’t made official until Monday night giving the window manufacturer little more than a day to get ready.

“It was an honor to be selected as we are a company that represents America’s true entrepreneurial spirit for starting a business and sustaining it for more than 30 years,” says Doerger-Roberts. “The types of employees we have make up the backbone of America’s workforce.”

More than 300 individuals, mainly women, attended the event, and she says employees were not required to be there but invited and encouraged, and more than 100 employees were in attendance. (Production started up again following the event.)

When speaking at the event, Doerger-Roberts said she is proud of the fact that her company makes windows that are built primarily with “American-made components.”

“We are very proud of this fact,” she told DWM, “as it’s harder and harder to do so every day as many suppliers go overseas. We make a concerted effort to support suppliers who support American business.

Doerger-Roberts also told the crowd that “Four more years of what we’ve got is not good for our business.”

When asked how a Romney win will help companies like Vinylmax Doerger-Roberts says “it will foster growth with lower taxes and less regulation and less crippling costs like the Affordable Care Act that we have hanging around our neck.”

Meanwhile, learn details of Mitt Romney’s visit in local news coverage.

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  1. I’m officially jealous! The best we could do was a visit from Angus King, who’s vying for Olympia Snowe’s chair. But then again, it doesn’t help us that everyone has conceded Maine to Obama. 🙁

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