Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the newfangled term for dealing with clients.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency procedure performed during cardiac arrest.

CPR saves lives by forcing the heart to circulate oxygenated blood by manually pumping the chest over 100 times per minute. CPR delays death, but is unlikely to restore the heart’s spontaneous steady beat. Administration of an electric shock to the heart called defibrillation is usually needed to jumpstart the heart to beat regularly.

The customer is the heart of a business and Customer Relationship Management is the beating heart of a healthy business. Are your customer interactions pumping revenue through your business? If not, it may be time to give CPR to your CRM.

Manually pumping your customer list will get revenue flowing to delay the death of your business. After that, you may decide to administer “Old School” interactions as the defibrillator to jumpstart your CRM so it will naturally pump revenue into your business as regularly as the beat of a healthy heart.

Each interaction with a customer should be considered a heart beat pumping the lifeblood of profitable sales into the revenue stream that fuels business.

The healthy heart needs exercise and nourishment to keep pumping blood through our body. Our customers need exercise and nourishment to keep pumping income through our business organization.

Exercise the customer list by interacting with the people on it.

Nurture the customer list with customer service and rewards.

The number and strength of interactions with the clients on a customer list are just as sure a measure of the health of a business as the pressure and pulse of a human heart is a measure of a person’s physical health.

Poor customer relationship management will cause business failure as surely as a lack of exercise and a bad diet leads to heart failure.

Healthy customer relationship management is proven to build a hale and hearty business.

Managing customer relationships with healthy client interactions makes for a strong heart that pumps the lifeblood of sales revenue into a business and could mean the difference between company failure and financial success.

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