The founders of our door and window retailing industry who pioneered the sale of home improvement products directly to homeowners in the 1950s instinctively created their own Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Those upstarts’ early interactions with clients were the basis for today’s CRM programs.

The CRM interactions they implemented were born out of necessity. They had no advertising budget. They had to break new ground and CRM was a matter of their survival as a business. They rose to the challenge.

The creators of the modern door and window industry fostered word of mouth advertising, rewarded referrals, cross marketed products to repeat sales, remembered to contact customers to buy more of the original product they purchased to repeat sales, sold during service calls and rehashed leads.

CRM still is a matter of survival. The CRM methods the originators of our industry implemented are as viable today as they were over half a century ago.


• Use “Word of Mouth” to advertise.

• Thank clients who refer you to others.

• Repeat sales by remembering clients who didn’t get everything done the first time.

• Repeat sales by selling different products to existing clients.

• Sell new business through service work.

• Return to make the sale later.

These are the original interactions from the “Old School” of CRM. They create revenue by getting and keeping customers.

We can still use the “Old School” interactions today and we can use new technology to improve them.

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