I attended the Remodeling Show and Deck Expo last week, and believe I have attended every event except one. From my experience, the Remodeling Show has certainly evolved–for many years, door and window manufacturers dominated the show space. It was a great time to showcase new window products and have customers get a look ‘behind the curtain’ at the latest window being developed. The show featured lots of exhibitors and huge booths. There was a real strategy on where you wanted your booth position and what you could come up with to draw people into your space.

Over the past few shows, there has certainly been a change. Now decks and other outdoor products dominate, and these companies also featured their latest and greatest innovations. As I walked the show this year, I noticed lots of exhibitors but booth sizes were smaller, and there were a few interactive demonstration areas set up.

As I spoke to many exhibitors, I was told the lead flow wasn’t as strong as anticipated. However, these exhibitors were expecting more quality leads instead of just having quantity. According to many exhibitors, it appeared that the floor traffic was somewhat inconsistent. The Remodeling Show, as usual, showcased many informative classes to help build better businesses. And one of our great industry icons, Dave Yoho conducted a successful two-day seminar for owners and sales people during the event.

As I spoke to many attendees about their businesses, many people cited positive indicators and shared positive stories about an optimistic business climate. There was also a pretty consistent theme of ‘let’s see how things shake out in November.’ It would seem many exhibitors and attendees want to remain positive, and many were seeing a traditional uptick in business during the fall selling season.

I will be looking forward to the show moving to Chicago in 2013 and talking about how terrific a turnaround we experienced over the past 12 months!

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