There are various codes and standards that those in the door and window industry need to keep track of and Jessica Ferris, director of codes and standards for the Association of Millwork Distributors (AMD), outlined these standards for those who attended the AMD Convention and trade show last week in Louisville. Emily Zachery, D & R International, also updated the industry on the proposed Energy Star revisions. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is looking to publish criteria revisions in March 2013 with implementation taking place in January 2014.

Zachery reminded attendees that new program requirements include air leakage which matches the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). Additionally, the presence of installation instructions is a new requirement and Zachery said that there may be checks for the presence of installation instructions during verification testing.

While many door companies were in attendance, Zachery focused on the door portion of the program and the household energy savings that may be achieved. She mentioned that for opaque doors version 6.0 matches the performance of best-selling products, and savings is less than or equal to half-lite doors (zero to $2 per year). The payback for opaque doors is less than or equal to half-lite doors (average of 22 years) and greater than half-lite doors.

Ferris updated attendees on many issues including AMD 100: Structural Performance Ratings of Side-Hinged Exterior Door Systems and Procedures for Component Substitution. It allows for component interchange substitution using the ASTM E 330 test method and provides a test method for comparing relative door slab stiffness.

Ferris reported the association will seek ANSI approval in December and propose it to the International Residential Code in January 2013 and hope to complete the validation project in 2013.

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