How can a door or window dealer increase sales without gambling money on expensive and risky advertising campaigns?

Home improvement contractors are finding it harder to justify investing in traditional marketing campaigns because of disappointing returns on their advertising investments. Remodeling companies who depend on traditional marketing methods – direct mail, print, radio and television – are paying more per lead than ever before. If your cost per lead is cutting into your profit it may be time to consider other options.

One option proven to increase sales without spending more on advertising is to manage customer relationships with personal interactions.

As a child growing up and out into the world I was told, “When you forget your old friends for new friends you end up with no friends”… It can be just as easy for the business person to forget about taking care of existing clients because they are too busy searching for new clients. They might find themselves ending up with no clients.

There is no customer like a customer that is already a customer. Existing customers should be the best friends of a business.

The most valuable asset of many door and window manufacturers and their dealers is their customer list. That list represents every dollar of income for that business and the only 2 ways to increase revenue. A business can either increase their number of customers or increase the number of purchases made by each customer to increase revenue.


1) Sell to new customers

2) Sell more to existing customers

What does it take to increase the number of customers of a business?

How can a business increase the number of times a customer purchases from them?

How does a business increase the amount of money their customers spend with them without gambling money on risky advertising campaigns that have no guaranteed return on investment?

These are the primary questions a business must answer to be successful.

Improving Customer Relationship Management is the tried and true answer to these questions.

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