I am sure that headline pulled you into my blog but you may have to be an avid reader of my entries to get the full picture. What did I fall in love with again? A new door. Yes another and that may have my husband none too happy.

I have been covering the door and window industry for 12 years now and have attended many industry trade shows and yes I have seen many great new products. But it wasn’t until I was at the International Builders’ Show this past February that I came back and hinted to my husband (through this blog) that I would love a particular pantry door. I was thrilled to receive it this past May for Mother’s Day.

Well, while attending the AMD show this past week I fell in love again—I looked at a particular door and thought, where can it go in my house? The product is well suited for pantry and laundry applications but that wouldn’t work. But toward the end of the conversation the individual showing me the product mentioned as an afterthought that it is also great for scrapbookers in their craft rooms. I was sold! So honey, hint hint, here is another item for my wish list—ODL’s On Hand Door. Look for more on this new product in my upcoming AMD wrap-up article on dwmmag.com. The product marks the company’s first entry inside the home and I commend the company for listening intently to its customers and homeowners and then introducing a product to meet those needs. In this case, homeowners were requesting more storage space and the company delivered.

My Mother’s Day present–love my pantry door!

P.S. A few people have wondered why I haven’t posted a photo of my new pantry door so here you go and kudos to my husband for staining and most importantly hanging it all on his own.


  1. Very clever Tara, as Christmas is coming!!! Just wanted to mention that I have seen the pantry door installed and your installer husband did a great job!

  2. Amy and I will take “two” pantry doors, who do I call. Nice job. earl

  3. So this is why she has been taking her husband on business trips!

  4. Chris–ha ha but apparently I have been taking him on the wrong trips.

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