Win-Door North America, to be held November 6-8 in Toronto, will offer a variety of educational opportunities, awareness programs and will also honor industry pioneers. This is all in addition to its exhibit hall which will offer a look at the latest industry products.

Fenestration Canada named new honorees to its Industry Pioneers Program every five years and this is year 45 for the association, reports Jim Parker, Win-Door Consultants. The awards will be presented at Win-Door on November 7 at 4:45 in the Education Theatre followed be a reception and dinner for the pioneers. Parker reports that several nominations have been received and the committee is currently reviewing the applications.

Win-Door also has a long history of a partnership with the Window and Balcony Safety Program, of which the goal is to prevent window falls. Those involved in the program recently learned of a former Toronto EMS paramedic, Kevin Mills, who fell and had a serious spinal cord injury while on vacation several years ago. He has been unable to work and his wife, Heather, also had to quit her job as an EMS paramedic to look after him. She was also very active in getting the window and balcony safety program going. She has started a non-profit organization to provide a Wellness Center for Spinal Cord Recovery and the center will have a booth at this year’s Win-Door event. The center has purchased a special machine that provides electrical stimulation and has raised $29,000 of the $34,000 for the machine. Show organizers will present the Wellness Center with a check for the last $5,000 on November 6. The machine will be available to kids that have injuries from window or balcony falls.

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