Tom Panek, CEO of Genesee Valley Windows in Flint, Mich., has clarified to DWM that the company is not closing, and has just moved facilities.

“In 2007, we bought a very large facility and moved into it,” says Panek. “We recently sold that big building and moved back into our old building. The overhead of the new facility was killing us and we took an offer that we could not refuse. Plus, we still owned the previous building and it is more fitting to today’s size.”

Panek describes it as more of a strategic move than a closing.

“Due to a lack of window sales this year, we decided to put the plant in mothballs until the economy picks up again …. It will probably be into next year before we start production again.

In the meantime we are outsourcing our windows from a manufacturer who makes a very similar line as we did,” he says.

Panek says he is making these changes so he doesn’t join the list of manufacturers who have had to close.

“As you know, many window fabricators have bit the dust the last couple of years,” says Panek. “What we are doing is temporary so that we can come back in full force once the economy turns.

The biggest problem out there is lack of lending. We cannot get customers financed due to stringent regulations placed on the banks and lack of equity in the housing market. That plus those high gas prices are keeping consumers from purchasing windows.”


  1. Trying to locate windows from paramount. I have 2 upper windows that need replaced. Moisture has gotten between the panes. please respond. thank you

  2. where is paramount windows?

  3. Ok, tracked this down.

    Michigan Vinyl window was in Fenton in the early to mid 90s. They closed or sold to Genesee Valley Windows, which was owned by the Tom Panek mentioned in the article above. They changed names to Paramount Improvements (same window lines and owner). They closed either late last year or early this year. The 800 number on their website goes to Sunstream Home Improvements, which I just spoke to and they are not the same company, but can service windows. Any warranty through Paramount you had is gone though because that company is closed.

  4. I purchsed 2 Patriot Double hhung windows and a door from paramont out of Merrillvile, IN. for my home here in Villa Park, IL., April 12, 2012. The one window sticks omn the right bottom side and I can’t open it. The window does tilt out and the left side I think I couid pull out , but I don’t want to break anything. Is ther a brohure or photocopy of anyting that could tell me how to fix it? I might need a St. St.balancer, if so how do I get the part? So much for the warrantee. I purchsed the windows because I replaced 7 windows in my mothers house in Crown, Pt., IN. and liked the qualityof materials and workmanship. Here we are with 90 degree temps and I can’t open the window. Please help! Thanks, Lee Burton

  5. Tom Panek is at Paramount Improvements 4621 S. Saginaw St. Flint, MI 48507 810-742-5423. I also have warranty work needed on a doorwall I that Genesee Valley Windows built. I left him a message on his voice mail at the store and sent an email to an account I got online. I will give him a chance before I go to my lawyers. I know manufacturing is not an easy business, unless your co. is in stinkin’ China!

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