GlassBuild is full of products and presentations but the best part is always the people. It’s a great chance to see and catch up with some of the people you get to work with all year, and make some new friends and colleagues. So here are my final thoughts on the show, the products and the people.

Best Marketer: Carrie Jeske, JEI Structural Engineering. I have been to many shows and have witnessed some companies doing a great job of drawing people into their booth, but none as good as Jeske. After her pulling me in, then observing her with other attendees, she is a marketer at its best. And with social media and blogging skills to booth, Jeske should be commended.

Companies who Listen: Quanex Building Products and Chelsea Building Products. David Petratis, CEO, Quanex Building Products, and Gary Hartman, Chelsea Building Products, both told me of the emphasis the companies are placing on customer listening. It sounds easy but these two companies are making it a priority through focused events, some of those even held during GlassBuild.

Run-ins. I also got to catch up with DWM columnist Michael Collins, who was visiting his first show as the managing director of Building Industry Advisors LLC. Stay tuned for more on that.

Stealing from my boss’ blog: Hats off to Dr. Dino Fenzi as well. For in spite of being just a few weeks away from glasstec, he made the trip west and spent many hours in the booth that bears his name. He is a great statesman for the industry worldwide. That was from Deb Levy’s blog, president of our parent company, and I wholeheartedly agree.

Best Give-away of the Day: Again, stealing from Deb: U-R-B-A-N Machinery combined this show’s most popular giveaway (mints) with the Vegas thing and provided dice full of them.

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  1. Thanks Tara for such a great job at GlassBuild. You are one hard working lady!
    We, at JEI Structural Engineering, really enjoyed talking with you.

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