Mike Burk, product manager with Edgetech IG, presented “Handling Glass Safety” at the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) Educational Seminar, held this week in Las Vegas. The presentation focused on how to prevent injuries when handling flat glass.

 “Every day in this country, 14 workers lose their lives in preventable workplace tragedies,” said Burk in his presentation. “That adds up to 5,000 people who lose their lives on the job every year.” To prevent these injuries, Burk recommended that every employee works as though all injuries and illnesses are preventable.

 After reviewing multiple case studies of reported on the job injuries, Burk addressed how to check the severity of an injury. Lacerations on the wrist, neck, underarm and inner leg need to be taken seriously since they are the locations of major arteries. Another way to prevent serious injury is to know the weights of the products being handled and use the correct equipment to reduce the risk of crushing. Keep workspaces clean and open to allow employees the maximum space to escape any risk that may occur, he said.

 Burk’s final advice was simple: “Don’t get comfortable. Don’t let your guard down. Always stay aware. Watch and warn your co-workers.”

 The IGMA Educational Seminar, held at the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, concluded yesterday.

by Casey Neeley, cneeley@glass.com


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