In her “Product Certification” presentation, executive director for the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA), Margaret Webb, explained certification to IGMA 2012 Educational Seminar attendees.

According to Webb, the manufacturer initiates the process by applying for IMGA/IGCC certification. Once the application is received, a record will be filed and the company will be audited with a scheduled visit. “Once certification has been achieved periodic audits are carried out to ensure the continued compliance of the certified product,” said Webb in her presentation.

“We really want to support our program participant, so there are a lot of activities that go on to support manufacturers,” she added. Participant support includes educational seminars, such as the one IGMA held this week in Las Vegas.

“All manufacturers are required to follow a fairly extensive quality assurance (QA) program” which is based on IGMA TM-4000-02(07); Webb said this later will break into two manuals. “We’re also expanding our QA requirements; this revision is currently right at the beginning stage,” she continued. Standards included on the quality program include review, process control, calibration, inspection and testing, non-conforming products and corrective action, storage and handling, field service, quality audits, quality control forms, training, statistical techniques and reference documents.

Testing to determine edge seal quality also is part of the certification process. The high humidity testing requires samples to be sent out, and it can take more than 24 weeks to receive results. A weathering cycle also is examined. No ranking is involved in this testing; participants either pass or fail. Once a company first passes the tests, they must test annually. Once they have passed two consecutive years in a row, they can test every other year. Any IG failures or significant changes to the company or product manufacture can warrant retesting or a return to annual testing, according to Webb.

IGMA plans to release Design Considerations for Multiple Cavity Insulating Glass Units technical manual before the end of the year. The manual is still in the testing and revision process.

The IGMA Educational Seminar was held over the last two days at the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.



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