“Workmanship is key,” said Tracy Rogers, technical director for Edgetech IG, in his presentation “Rigid Spacer/Muntins & Grids/Flexible Spacer Systems.” While speaking at the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) Educational Seminar yesterday afternoon, Rogers said that all sealants on the market work, and it doesn’t matter which company markets its product as the best; workmanship is what creates good sealing.

According to Rogers, the key to sealing insulating glass (IG) is awareness. Similar to Bill Briese’s presentation commonsense and product scrutiny are vital to the manufacture of a high-quality product.

Dos when working with rigid spaces, Rogers said, include ensuring spacers are cut accurately to size, checking for smooth, burr-free cuts, checking for breathing and ensuring corners fit snuggly. According to Rogers, don’ts are the inverse: don’t use improper size corner keys that fit loosely, don’t allow burrs or high spots, don’t use spacers with plugged breather holes, and don’t allow for skips in primary sealant.

One of Rogers’ most important tips for handling any sealant is to properly store materials prior to use and use opened materials first.

Another tip Rogers offered is not to use touch-up paints on muntins while sealing; the paint will have to be sealed between the lites while still wet, which could in turn cause IG failure.

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