The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) has a new website designed to help people shopping for windows determine how well these products will keep their homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter while also helping reduce energy costs. According to the company,, helps consumers compare the energy performance of windows so they can acquire the knowledge and confidence they need to weigh all of their options and make educated choices. According to NFRC’s CEO, Jim Benney, the site is designed to change the way consumers shop for windows by providing non-technical explanations to technical questions related to energy performance.

“We intentionally kept the content non-technical because we’re assuming most of our visitors are researching the energy performance of windows for the first time,” says Benney. “But we’ve also provided many links for those seeking more technical information.” According to the company, the website was built specifically to avoid duplicating information that is readily available elsewhere.

“Our accomplishment is the consumer’s reward,” Benney adds. “Before starting this project, we examined all the information currently available on the World Wide Web and realized consumers needed guidance that was more relatable and easier to act on.”

NFRC’s new website addresses the following categories to help consumers:

• Anatomy of a Window. Graphical representation of the cross section of a window, including an explanation of the components that make up the whole product;

• The NFRC Label. Example of the NFRC Label, with hover-over explanations of what each rating means; and

• Shopping Guide. A 1-2-3 with printable information to take to the store/point of purchase.

“Our new website provides consumers with the educational materials that deliver clear, unbiased information on what to look for in a window purchase and explains how the NFRC label can be used as a tool to make fair product comparisons,” says Benney.


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