What keeps execs up at night and how do they help their customers navigate through the downturn? DWM posed these questions to Dave Randich, president, Therma-Tru and Mark Savan, president of Simonton Windows, in a recent interview.

David Randich, Therma-Tru

DWM: How do you keep those who sell your products positive and not depressed about the future? How do you get them eager to implement these new ideas and succeed through these challenging times?

Randich: We invest in new products and in promotion of our brands so we have an exciting story to tell. We’re also constantly improving our product quality and delivery service, which customers always appreciate. The main point however is that we have a tremendous sales team and they are the type of people who don’t need a lot of external motivation. We’re in a cyclical industry and the downturn we’ve experienced is just one more challenge to overcome.

Savan: Our highest rankings in the J.D. Power and Associates Customer Satisfaction market study for the last three years are a true metric of what has driven us throughout the downturn. We maintain a relentless focus on customer satisfaction that has resonated down from our distribution partners to the homeowner. This can help them [dealers] to grow their businesses, even through the most challenging times.

Mark Savan, Simonton

DWM: What is a positive aspect of the downturn? What have you done/learned that you will continue when things pick up again?

Randich: Downturns help organizations prioritize what’s really important. For us that means keeping a sharp focus on product innovation, taking good care of our channel customers, and making sure we are executing on quality and service.

Savan: We have become a leaner and stronger company as a result of the downturn. We have grown market share while sustaining the dependability and quality our customers have come to rely upon for more than 65 years.

DWM: What keeps you up at night in respect to your company?

Savan: My daily focus is on providing our customers the quality products and unyielding support they need to grow their businesses in any economy. If we continue to do that successfully, we all sleep well at night.


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