A new report from NanoMarkets takes a look at the market for smart windows, covering both traditional passive smart windows, as well as the new breed of active electrochromic and thermochromic smart window technologies. It also discusses the challenges that will have to be overcome to make new products a success.

According to the announcement, several factors are contributing to the increasing interest and demand for these products. These include the growing awareness of energy conservation, green building and fuel-efficient transportation by building owners and governments.

“Concurrent with these demand side changes, improved smart windows technologies are emerging. And as a result of all this, we believe that the smart windows market provides important growth opportunities to everyone from materials/coatings suppliers to glass manufacturers to window manufacturers, not to mention end users such as builders, building owners, home owners, and transportation owners,” says the announcement.

This report analyzes the markets for self-dimming windows, self-cleaning windows and the smart windows of the future that will combine window functionality with the ability to serve as either lighting or solar panels. The report contains an eight-year forecast of shipments and revenues in this market and an appraisal of the latest strategies of major players in this market. It also discusses regional markets and supply chain dynamics in this business.

Additional information about the report is available online.

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