Cleveland-based Stanek Windows has announced it is experiencing a new trend in door and window replacement: homeowners are budgeting home improvements over many years, doing one doors or window replacement at a time or a room at a time.

According to Stanek Windows, the tax credit program may be gone, but the problem remains.

“We have offered one-room-at-a-time services to our customers for many years now,” says Rick Jones, president of Stanek Windows, which has branch sales offices in Cleveland, Milwaukee and Tampa. “There are more consumers thinking that way than a few years ago. We understand that it allows them to pay as they go instead of financing. Even though home equity loans through community banks are at a low point, consumers are reluctant to add debt. This is probably the best time to buy since 2005 or 2010 when demand was at its highest.”

The announcement notes that homes still are a major investment for many people whether it is their primary home, a second home or rental property, and a home with attractive, energy-efficient doors and windows can add beauty to the property and increase investment value.

“Buyers are concerned about appearance as well as energy as they plan to stay in place now after many years of thinking the current home would be sold in a few years. The thinking among home owners in the 80s, 90s and new millennium was [that] their present home was temporary. They planned to buy larger homes as family structures changed and jobs changed,” adds Jones. “The average home ownership was eight to ten years during those decades.”


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