Bob Simon with Gossen Corp. in Milwaukee is celebrating 50 years with the company this year. After serving in the Army, he joined the company in 1962, working in the shipping department, through a referral from then Wisconsin Senator William Proxmire.

Over the years Simon has worked in a number of areas for the company. Soon after he was hired Simon started working in sales and was a sales manager until 1976. After the company was purchased by the Butterfield family in 1985, Simon worked with the new owners to help grow the company, adding new products, new markets new manufacturing facilities and more.

In 1990 Simon was appointed to the board of directors and named vice president and in 1996 was appointed executive vice president.

Simon has also been involved with a number of industry associations. Within the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), he served on the task group that developed the Standard Specification for Cellular PVC Exterior Profiles, AAMA 308-02, now 308-08. He currently is the first vice president of the association’s Wood and Cellulosic Council. In addition, Simon is on the board of directors for the Moulding and Millwork Producers Association (MMPA), and is also chair of the Poly Group of MMPA that is in the process of developing a poly moulding standard for the building industry.

“In my 50 years at Gossen, the best years have been the last 27,” says Simon. “Being a private company and having such a great group of loyal and dedicated employees to work with and who support your efforts is a blessing.”

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