Initials are more commonly used than words for many important terms in our industry. I can list several examples for most letters in the alphabet. Do you know the real words that correspond with the initials on this list?


B is for BBB

C is for CRF

D is for DOE, DP, DH and DWM

E is for EPA and EREN

F is for FMA

G is for GBG

H is for HUD

I is for IBC, ICC, IGU and IRS

J is for ?

K is for Kr

L is for LEED, L&I and LoE

M is for MMPA

N is for NAHB, NARI, NFRC, NGA and NSA

O is for OSHA

P is for PVC

Q is for Q-lon

R is for RESNET and R-value

S is for SGCC, SHGC and STDL

T is for T-mull

U is for U-Factor, UFI and USGBC

V is for VI, VT

W is for WDMA

X is for XO

Y is for ?

Z is for ?

How did you do?

Did you know the words that go with the initials for all the examples on my list?


Can you add to my list of door and window industry terms that are better known by their initials than their names?

I couldn’t think of any examples for the letters J, Y or Z. Can You?

Do you know how each example on the list impacts door and window product performance, industry standards, regulations and your profit?

Check back on my next blog for the correct answers to my Door and Window Word Puzzle…

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  1. For J, not so common anymore, but you used to hear a lot about “JIT”, now kind of replaced by “Lean”. I realize that the two are not the same, but ultimately, the intention is very similar.

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