Door and Window Manufacturer (DWM) magazine, published by Key Communications Inc., released its mobile application for the Kindle Fire this week. The App will deliver the current issue of DWM magazine as well as an archived history and is also available for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to present our publication for readers using their Kindle Fire devices, just one more way we are providing the news in an enhanced format for our readers,” says Tara Taffera, publisher of the magazine.

DWM has the issues and information available by App through iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and now we’re offering it for the e-readers of the Kindle Fire,” says Holly Biller, vice president of media services for DWM. “It was a logical next progressive step for us to take.”

“The digital editions themselves have been offered for more than five years now, we simply continue to position ourselves where our readers are gathering our news and information,” says Biller. “The App unveils the next level of what we can provide to our readers and advertisers.”

To download the App, simply search for DWM magazine. To learn more visit or contact the Digital Media Services department of Key Communications Inc. at


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