At first glance, door and window manufacturers may not automatically think it is vital to attend the biennial International Woodworking Fair (IWF) in Atlanta. But they should as the event attracts door and window companies in the wood market. In fact, due to this growing interest, show organizers have added a door and window symposium to be held the day before the event opens. The symposium will be held August 21 and the show itself runs from August 22-25 at the Georgia World Congress Center. The four-session, all-day class will cover lean manufacturing, green guidelines, a market update and marketing advice for door and window manufacturers and suppliers. The symposium is sponsored by DWM magazine.

Door and window companies may attend the symposium and then stay for the trade show the next day which offers a variety of equipment and components used for manufacturing their products . Exhibitors include Stiles Machinery, CMS, Franklin Adhesives, KVAL and more.

Show organizers report that there is a 40-percent increase in early attendee registration in comparison with IWF’s last event. IWF is also ahead of 2010 in terms of exhibit sales and reports that IWF 2012 will be larger than 2010 with 792 exhibits currently.

“In addition to the rebounding housing market, we suspect that increased attendee numbers can be attributed to demand for new machinery, supplies and services that IWF exhibitors offer,” says Michael Burdis, IWF 2012 chairman and president of James L. Taylor Manufacturing Co.

Those who are serious about keeping up with the latest trends and industry data will want to make plans to attend the Door and Window Symposium to be held August 21 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Industry suppliers who have signed on as sponsors include Stiles Machinery.

Session 1: Lean Manufacturing


Steve Waltman, vice president, Stiles Machinery

Jeff DeLonay, executive vice president, Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork

Hear from a panel of experts, including manufacturers and suppliers, about how to incorporate lean principles into your plant operations. Questions such as how to integrate automated operations into your lean manufacturing plans will also be addressed.

Session 2: Green Guidelines


Arlene Stewart, president, AZS Consulting Inc.

Charles Gentry, attorney, Carson and Coil

The FTC, along with state attorney generals, are cracking down on misleading green advertising claims. Learn from a panel of experts, including an energy expert and a lawyer, concerning what to watch out for when crafting company materials and when making green claims.

Session 3: Market Update

Speaker: Michael Collins, vice president, building products group, Jordan Knauff and Co.

Want to learn the latest on the door and window market? Hear from an expert in the industry who will cover the latest housing numbers, plant closures, expansions, etc. and opportunities for expansion.

Session 4: Marketing your Company


Debra Levy, president Key Communications/DWM Magazine

Brenda Collons, principal, C Squared Advertising

Heather Crunchie, principal, C Squared Advertising

Get ready for a wealth of information regarding marketing your company so you can stand out from the rest. Have a great safety record? Publicize it. Have a great product mix? Find out the best way to get the word out through various avenues including social media. Want to get the word out to legislators concerning your company and your issues? Learn how to get a legislator to visit your plant. All of this will be discussed and more in this interactive session.

Go to the event website to register and learn more.

Companies interested in joining Stiles as a sponsor should contact Tara Taffera at

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