Owner Pat Heytens says the company has experienced impressive growth this year.

Pat Heytens, owner, Fen-Tech Windows, based in Superior, Wis., says the company has experienced such significant growth that it broke ground recently to construct a new building. The new 10,000 square-foot structure will be in addition to its existing facility and the two locations will share the same loading dock. Heytens says the target date for completion is early August which will coincide with the company’s launch of its new garden line in late summer or early fall.

“We don’t have the room to make the garden window in house,” he says. “We were already busting at the seams.”

Sixty percent of the space will be devoted to production of the garden window and the rest can be used for storage and could eventually be used for additional manufacturing capacity.

Heytens says the company has experienced some strong growth this year which increases the need for more space.

“This has been a good year, although we were concerned with the forecast,” he says. “We have seen a nice broad increase especially with some smaller companies we deal with, particularly in the Midwest and West.”

Heytens attributes a few items to the company’s healthy growth in a challenging market.

“Number one we operate in a niche market,” he says. “Over the last three years we have taken a close look at what we can do to serve existing customers.”

Some of the increases may also be attributed, however to a shrinking market.

“To be honest a lot of companies have gone out of business and that has helped us as well,” says Heytens.

“We forecasted to be up 5 percent at this point this year and we are seeing upwards of 20-25 percent increases,” he adds.

He adds however, that the company has also made some changes in the company and the services offered that has also made a difference. For example, the company has adopted a new software system by AMS that will encompass geometric shapes which is a large part of its business. He says the remote order entry system will also offer customers the ability to obtain instant quotes.

Fen-Tech broke ground recently on the building of a new facility.

For more on the new building, view the June DWM video newscast.

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