The Association of Millwork Distributors (AMD) announced that the AMD 100 standard is now available for public comment. Additional revisions have been made to the draft standard since the last public review comment period and AMD 100 Consensus Body ballot completed in March. This is the fourth public review and ballot period for the standard.

According to AMD, substantive revisions include:

• The National Design Specification for Wood Construction is now referenced in the standard instead of the Wood Handbook;

• “Proof Load” has been added to the definitions and “Test Load” has been removed

• Section 7.5 has been modified;

• Minimum size requirements have been added to Section 8.1;

• Section 8.2 revised for clarification purposes;

• The first row of the Qualification Configuration Table has been removed;

• Proof load requirements have been added;

• Section 12.2.5 clarified; and

• Section 14.1.3 has been clarified to state that thresholds “without interacting hardware” may be freely substituted in X configurations

The AMD 100 draft, dated June 14, 2012, contains revisions made by AMD’s Industry Standards and Certification Committee (ISCC) since March that were based on comments found to be persuasive and substantive, as summarized above.

Additional comments can be made prior to August 13, 2012.



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