Soft-Lite LLC has entered into partnership with the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) to help educate the public about home crime prevention strategies, including door and window security. In an agreement signed by Soft-Lite June 13, 2012, the NCPC and Soft-Lite will team up to raise citizens’ awareness about home security and educate the public about protection against home burglaries. Soft-Lite and its affiliates and dealers also are able to leverage the McGruff the Crime Dog and the slogan “Take a Bite Out of Crime.”

“Soft-Lite is very pleased to announce our agreement with the National Crime Prevention Council as it is consistent with values we have in our company and the objectives we strive to attain in providing safe and secure window and door protection for homeowners,” says Roy Anderson, president. “People often think about their windows in terms of an investment in energy savings, which they are, but the right windows also are an investment in protecting your property against intruders.”

To illustrate, Anderson cited the recent testimonial of a window customer in Indiana who agreed to share her story in a video produced for Soft-Lite dealer Unique Home Solutions Indianapolis. Homeowner Sandra Poe credits her Elements patio door and windows with saving her life when an intruder attempted to break in.

“Now, with NCPC and McGruff the Crime Dog at our side, we can reach out to more and more people like Sandra to educate them about how they can make their homes more secure,” Anderson said.


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