So we are in the midst of the summer, and I want to know: have your sales plateaued? Over my years in the industry, summer always indicated a time where sales leveled off. But of course, much of that experience was when we could accurately forecast trends and seasonality!

Have we just come to expect that the summer is a time for vacations and an excuse for why we aren’t selling anything? We know that business has got its share of peaks and valleys right now. But do we have to sit and accept it?

My good friend, Dave Yoho, has always said, you need windows just as much in the summer as you do in the winter. His point is simply that sometimes we let the summer excuses get in the way of doing business.

Now is the perfect time to move past that .30/.30 tax credit that dulled our marketing prowess and get back to some innovative marketing. You might put together a great summer time promo, a lead generation program, even consider a corporate facelift.

As an industry, we don’t have the luxury of letting the business come to us like it did with the tax credit promotion. Now is the time to do the things that have made us so successful as an industry. We have some of the most innovative marketing people and ideas in the industry, now is the time to use them again!

What type of promotions do you run in the summer months—what works best for you? Post a comment here.

Great Selling!


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  1. Dave is right as usual (unlike you 🙂 ) and in the South, Summer is the most Important time to have good windows. It seems like the best way to share this with home owners these days is with a well trained canvassing team knocking doors late in afternoon. A nice promo to run with this is free attic insulation/ radiant barrier (with purchase) or even just a hot water heater blanket depending on your margins and market conditions. The free water heater blanket is a nice throw gift in an exchange for allowing a salesman to come out and show how great the new HP glass options are (if they don’t buy the salesman leaves them a form to fill out and mail into your company (most dont even bother), if they do buy the salesman says their window installers will put it on when they come do the windows). Looking Time Is Over BUYING TIME Is Here! Good selling!

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