Research and Markets Ltd., has reported that its ongoing Canadian residential window and exterior door market research and consulting activity shows a high interest among fabricators, extruders/pultruders, suppliers, distributors, retailers and industry experts in developing a current and comprehensive understanding of the industry and market dynamics. The group will be conducting a study to look at market size and growth trends, enhanced energy-efficient product usage, increased alternative window frame sales and emerging threats (e.g. Asian extrusion imports). According to research and markets, the primary study objectives are to develop current quantitative and qualitative information that will enable subscribers to serve customers more effectively, as well as make more informed strategic decisions.

The strategic research effort will focus on the new and renovation segments of the Canadian residential prime window and exterior door market from 2012 through 2014. The study will include, but is not limited to, addressing areas such as:

• The estimated prime window and exterior door unit sales by type and frame material for 2012 through 2014;

• Estimated market share will vinyl, wood, aluminum, fiberglass, composite, hybrid and steel windows and exterior doors in the years 2012 and 2014;

• Estimated current and three-year market penetration for low-E, argon gas-filled, and triple pane windows;

• Current estimated market penetration and growth rate for energy-efficient (e.g. Energy Star) certified windows;

• The most important attributes in selecting a window and/or exterior door brand;

• Estimated percent of windows sold that are painted; and

• Emerging opportunities and/or threats.

According to Research and Markets, at a minimum, the study will be designed to provide detailed quantitative and qualitative information regarding residential window and exterior door sales, enhanced energy efficiency product usage, emerging trends and other market information through 2014. The overall focus will be on single and multifamily Canadian residential windows and exterior doors for new construction.


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