When I make a sale at Milanese Remodeling it is a lot like getting to the starting line of a race. First, I had to train and practice to qualify for the race. Then, I step into the starting blocks and run hard from the sound of the starter’s pistol all the way to the finish line in order to win.

I train by learning about my products and how each product can solve my clients’ problems. I train by learning how to educate my clients about the solution I recommend. I train by learning how to differentiate my products and services from my competition. I train by learning the cost of product, the cost of being in business and the cost of my labor, so I can price for a fair profit. I train by learning good sales practices and closing techniques. I officially qualify for the race when my client selects my company for their project.

The starter’s gun goes off when my client signs a contract and hands me their deposit. Now, I am ready to run for the finish line. I need to successfully run this project to its completion in order to win the race I’ve entered.

Running a job is a lot like running the mile.

The first quarter mile the runner needs to get off to a good start by taking accurate measurements and ordering materials in a timely fashion.

The second quarter mile the runner needs to set a good pace by scheduling the delivery of materials and the installation process.

The third quarter mile the runner needs to keep up that strong pace by overseeing the project and communicating with the client throughout the process, including change orders, additional work and the timely collection of draw payments.

The final quarter mile can be the toughest and requires an extra “kick” to win. The runner needs to make sure the project finishes to perfection with clean up of any punch lists and collection of the final payment

Running projects and keeping them on track is every bit as important as making the sale. My company’s goal with every project is a delighted client. We think of that delighted client every step of the way toward the finish line. We work together to ensure our clients are delighted they trusted us for this project. The satisfaction and reward of a happy client is different than monetary profit and just as important for a company to be successful in the long run. When a smiling client shakes my hand while giving me their final payment I have crossed the finish line, I have won the race and I have received my prize for a well run project.


  1. Great analogy and great blog Mark! A delighted client will keep coming back for more! You even remembered to collect the final payment – your Accounting Department should be proud!

  2. “Dido” on the great analogy Mark. You did a great job conveying the steps and effort required along the way to be successful in the sales process.

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